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As you may we have been looking for someone to take over the business since we closed for the winter, and now we do have someone seriously interested and they have asked us to treat it as sold until a final decision is made. Think of it as a house being ‘taken of the market’ for a while.

This is good news for would-be purchasers of a frame, of course, and we will post more news promptly as and when. PF

Welcome to this very minimal Freestyle Quiltframes website. We have reduced the number of pages, in part to reflect our gradual withdrawal from the market (see below). If you need information not shown, would like a leaflet or need to discuss our products please call 01544 327058 or email us on arboyne123@gmail.com.

As you may be aware we are retiring (gradually) from making the frames and now have limited stock. Even so I will keep the web pages going as a reference point for old customers, as we intend to support them for as long as possible with advice and rarely needed spares. If you would like one of the remaining frames you can buy with confidence as I can easily reproduce any lost parts in the future.

Marysia and Peter Furlong


Would you like to be the new owner?